Our In-building service provides a quality mobile ‘user experience’ indoors.

Surecom has the expertise and ability to boost the signal strength in residential and commercial buildings, offering services for both mobile and broadband connections, with 1,000+ installations from SoHo, Pico to Large and Stadium solutions.

We deploy the most advanced mobile coverage solutions, distributed antenna systems (DAS),small cell technology and base stations. Surecom is a service provider with all network operators in Ireland, ensuring licensed, highest telecom standards and ComReg requirements.

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​Surecom clients include large-scale building companies, architects and operators to ensure optimal mobile and network coverage from the outset. We work directly with businesses, IT managers and customers in existing buildings to improve their coverage and data throughput experience. By working collaboratively with our clients in the construction industry, we offer optimum and future-proof In-building coverage solutions. 



Our portfolio consists of:​

Mobile Coverage Assessment

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Pre Surecom Coverage Solution Install

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Post Surecom Coverage Solution Install

Our trusted partners include:


CPD Course

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About CPD

Continuing professional development has become a key identifier in the eyes of employers, both in recruitment and career development. This training course is an introduction to in building solutions for module networks. During this training course you will learn what is an In-Building Solution (IBS); why is it needed; what are the common types and classes of IBS and the typical steps to implement IBS. 

Experience and Expertise

As experienced providers of coverage solutions we want to share our knowledge with you ! We offer a half days high-level training course to a range of different professionals from architect's, facilities managers to mechanical and electrical engineers who want to know more about the how an IBS works when they should be installed.


Get in Touch

We’re currently updating and expanding our courses and research materials, in order to provide you with the most relevant and engaging learning experience possible.  If you would like to know more about our CPD course please get in touch @