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Surecom Network Solutions is a multi-award-winning engineering firm based in Ireland and the UK. We offer engineer-led professional, technical and project management services in the telecommunications and ICT fields. Our engineers and management professionals are leading the way within the industry through pioneering, practical solutions and service delivery.

We have grown as a company during an upsurge in the telecoms industry, working with local and multinational clients. Our engineers remain at the forefront of industry innovations and future technologies, while our professional management experts work with clients on their businesses pain points.


With engineering at the company’s core, we have a select line-up of experts who have a strong technical background, bringing with them years of professional, practical and project experience.

Our technical excellence, transparency and customer focus on remaining true to our word is key to our continued success. We remain trusted and client-approved partners within the growing telecommunications and ICT sectors, which is consistently reflected through a multitude of national and international awards.

Since opening in 2005, Surecom has prioritised a principal commitment to quality, health and safety that is recognised across the industry. We continue to meet the strictest international standards for our global clients, including a dedication to our ISO and OHSAS accreditations, which we have held for the past 10 years.

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