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Surecom has a Wired Infrastructure business area.  This new emerging business is currently serving several sectors including data centres, medical, hospitals, commercial, manufacturing & retail.   The dynamism of Wired Infrastructure created opportunities for new players, including Surecom to offer value and quality in a growing and evolving market.


Data communications solutions are evolving with end user needs requiring greater capacities, more connected devices, higher performance with higher connectivity availability and resilience.  New standards, superior network topology and new technology permits solution fulfilling the functional and quality needs. Surecom is well placed to do this!


Surecom’s brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in systems and solutions to create, expand, upgrade and maintain wired Infrastructure systems.  Our competencies in data networks, network planning and site design together with embedded systems facilitating excellence in project management, quality management, site design offer best in class delivery. Our competencies and practices are accredited with the wired infrastructure principals - certified for cable pulling, cable termination, cable testing, fibre splicing, network conformance and sign off, network maintenance-.  Also, Surecom is approved and accredited to operate in secure environments.  


Surecom’s advantage for Wired Infrastructure is the due diligence of understanding the customer needs and their network allied to our embedded philosophy of project delivery excellence. This ensures the quality of the customer operations and the certainty of the required delivery outcome.

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  • System Design

  • Cable installation, dressing and termination

  • Patching Services

  • BMS Services

  • WiFi Services

  • Security Services

  • Certified Testing and network accreditation

Cabling Services
  • System Design

  • Cable Installations
    (Indoor & Outdoor)


  • Fibre installation, dressing and termination

  • Smart and passive ODF Installation

  • Splicing
    (single, multimode & ribbon fibre)


  • Certified Testing and Network accreditation

Comms Rooms
  • Design & Implementation

  • Rack and cable management Installation

  • Airconditioning

  • Installation of active
    network/server Equipment


  • AC/DC Power

  • Earthing Systems

  • Environmental/Security Systems

Our Partners 

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