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Surecom has its own warehouse and operates a complete warehouse management solution.  The facilities are used for projects as well as tenant warehousing of material and spares for our clients. 

Facilities include stock control - navigation of transactions - online inventory, as well as import and export management and stock reporting


Systems permit tenantable access for clients to access inventory reports and status.

Our WMS is delivered by our in-house WMS management tool, which is an advanced cloud based inventory solution.

  • Logistics/Stock Management– all stock is managed by a cloud inventory management system. Barcoded stock logistics.

  • Full stock inventory visibility.

  • Goods inwards/outwards to end destination inclusive of unit quantities, description and serial number bar coding.

  • Stock locations inclusive of warehouse sectors, vehicle location and final destinations.

  • Inventory reporting.

  • Full warehouse procedures for recording and documentations.

  • Pallet and shelf racking Bench Test area – specific bench test area to allow testing of vendor equipment and pre-staging network equipment.

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