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Engineering is a Core Competency for Surecom. Surecom prides itself in its ability, calibre and capability to apply engineering skills appropriate to projects.

We retain a diversity of experienced competencies across the breadth of technologies which enables ‘right-resourcing’ of projects.

Surecoms knowledge spans all the main vendors with a site integration capability.


We are proud of our ability to adapt to fulfil the engineering requirements for Network, Cluster, Site, Platform, or single equipment, and span technologies.

Engineering competencies include:

Solutions Architecture

Testing & Configuration

Planning and Design




Testing Measurement

Equipment Retirement & Extraction

Maintenance & Support 24/7/365


Surecom Logo.jpg

Our Service in this field range from

  • RAN Engineering

  • Transmission

  • Power

  • Decommissioning

  • Mobile Private Networks

  • Radio

  • Core

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Surecom provide a comprehensive approach from full end to end or a sub phase of a larger project.

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Nationwide Project Delivery  

Our Partners include:

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