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Engineering is a Core Competency for Surecom. Surecom prides itself in its ability, calibre and capability to apply engineering skills appropriate to projects. We retain a diversity of experienced competencies across the breadth of technologies which enables ‘right-resourcing’ of projects.

Surecoms knowledge spans all the main vendors with a site integration capability.

We are proud of our ability to adapt to fulfil the engineering requirements for Network, Cluster, Site, Platform, or single equipment and span technologies.

Full turnkey service from Design to Deployment of your equipment

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Surecom retain an active competence in Network Design and Network Planning. Our capabilities include some high calibre experts with extensive experience across Radio, transmission, IP, Cable and infrastructure. Our services range from Design and Plan a new network, to network expansions, to review and optimise an existing Network.

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Surecom offer systems integration services. Our experience in deployment across a vast range vendors systems and operating in different environments places expertise demands in the integration of systems - physical, electrical and functional integration-. Our expert knowledge together with our testing/measurement/verification capabilities and abilities positions Surecom as the ideal integration services partner.

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Surecom’s core activities include build and test of telecom and IT projects from small to scale projects. Our excellence and rigour in Project Management is recognised a critical to the success of planning and execution of build projects. We undertake the build for infrastructure for both indoor and outdoor sites and the deployment and test of systems – Radio, Transmission, IP and Core. Our engineers are accredited for many of the vendors systems and retain access approvals for key telecom/IT facilities in Ireland.

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Surecom offer test and measurement services for electrical, optical radio, network functional testing on telecom and IT networks. Our competencies include expertise and knowledge to define testing procedures and we carry a comprehensive range of calibrated test equipment. Our testing activities serve different functional requirements from validation test, precision measurements for verification and compliance certification, performance data measurements for maintenance reporting, measurements for fault identification, measurement to support functional testing, and measurement for research and application development.


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Surecom undertakes decommissioning projects. These projects may be the retirement of a technology or solution, or exit of a network node, or exit/hand back of site. Our capabilities and experience range from single system removal to complex multi- systems demanding strict project management working with multiple technologies and multiple facility services, whilst adhering to environmental and recycling requirement, and facilitating different stakeholders.

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Surecom offer maintenance and support services to ensure customer experience are met or exceeded and that confidence is retained in business supporting telecom systems. Maintenance service may be for fault or preventative or controlled maintenance activities. Support services are tailored to best fit each customer’s needs in an efficient and cost-effective way. Services may include on call support/trouble ticket, repairs, for hardware, technical software support, parts and on a basis up to 24/7/365 for each service.


The deployment of RAN (Radio Access Network) represents a key business for Surecom and enables our customers to develop and refresh their networks to support their business needs. We have delivered projects on behalf of each of the mobile operators and we have successfully implemented on the full gambit of site types.


Our capability includes the project management for the design, planning, build and test of RAN nodes.  We have the capability to bring the right set of competencies to plan, access, implement a solution professionally and efficiently, and operate safely in the different site environments. We have resources to manage programme delivery with multiple field teams.


Our Vendors include:

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