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Office Block


Solution Type:

Quatra Solution


Coverage Requirement: 


The site is an office block of eight (8) floors and basement car park. Coverage was required for all floors except for the basement car park.



  • Outside normal working hours work with strict timings on working in particular areas (Wework client security), lack of flexibility.

  • Dealing with landlord’s, rooftop antennae agreement, access and working arrangements.

  • Design level to be as minimal as possible (low cost).

  • Restricted to areas for equipment and cable runs.

  • Quatra modelling in RANPLAN.

  • Survey and CW testing verified design as viable.


  • 6 X log periodic donor antennae (MIMO) (2 per operator), it is proposed to use Nextivity LPDA or an equivalent antenna for this which will be installed on the roof.

  • 12 X Nextivity Quatra Network Units (NU), 4 per operator.

  • 48 X Nextivity Quatra Coverage Units (CU) (2 per floor), 16 per operator.



The solution was turned around in a timely manner adhering to all customer access and worktime restrictions.

The coverage from the solution was verified using TEMS after install and showed to match or better predicted levels.

Client was very happy with solution and can provide mobile phone coverage for calls and data as an addition to their hot desk services in the building on all Irish operators.

Landlord representatives were happy with solution, delivery, results and costs and requested similar solutions for other premises.


The solution delivery was a major success, from the coverage result to working around various client requirements on site.

Lead to further work with the landlord representative for Surecom.



  • Installers

  • Radio Engineers

  • Project Manager


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