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Surecom works with large-scale building companies, architects and operators to ensure optimal mobile and network coverage from the outset. We use the latest and most advanced mobile coverage solutions, such as (DAS) ,small cell technology,  

We provide an initial desktop survey with an estimated quote to identify coverage pains, such as indoor/outdoor mobile ,WiFi coverage issues and data throughput issues. We also provide ongoing maintenance and consultancy services.

Our In-building service provides a quality mobile ‘user experience’ indoors. We design, plan, build and maintain your solutionBy working collaboratively with our clients, we offer optimum and future-proof in building coverage solutions.

Surecom is an approved service provider for all mobile operators in Ireland.Our portfolio consists of:

  • Stadium and arenas

  • Offices and Data Centers

  • Hotels and Wholesale complex

  • Apartments blocks

  • Supporting multi-operator networks

  • All mobile technologies


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